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Why eating healthy is important


Did you know that your gut is also know your second brain?

According to a new study from The American Gut Institute variety of at least 30 different fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy gut microbiome.


But eating 30 different fruit and  vegetables

in a week, even with  smoothies is not an

easy task. It can be time consuming,

expensive and simply hard to achieve.


When I was struggling with lack of  energy,

lethargy, low moods and basically

depressed I was at my wits ends.

I felt like I tried everything. 


Someone pointed out the gut health study

to me and I was  intrigued. I decided

to start eating  more veggies and fruit.

It took a while  but after experimenting

with new recipes I slowly managed to increase

my intake of plants. My very low moods, changed

to low to neutral moods and I started feeling better in my body.

I still had a long way to go, but the improvements I felt where a huge motivator to keep going. 

People around me started to notice I was 'coming back alive' and I knew then, that a plant-based diet was my way out of depression. Along with working with a psychologist and later a coach. What I loved about coaching is that you work on future thoughts and behaviors without lingering in the (depressive) past. I had a whole new outlook on life.


About a year later I was introduced to a beautiful product that further enhanced my life.

A wholefood supplement. I was never a big believer in supplements but these grabbed my attention. I was in the middle of my health coaching degree and learned that a lot of our food isn't as nutritious as we think it is. It often travels far and lies on the shelves for a long time. Supplements could most definitely help me up my nutrition intake.


What attracted me to these supplements is that they are made of wholefoods and are pesticide and additive free and basically have no nasties. Just like nature intended. They also have more than 30 different fruits and veggies in them, which tied in so well with that study!


This was a way I could get 30 fruits and veggies in my body on a daily base!


I was on board! Science nerd that I am though,  I needed to see the results with my own eyes and  with a blood I could really see what effect it had on my body. I took a test prior to starting and one after a month of taking the supplements. The results were uncanny, and it confirmed everything I already felt. Even my doctor was puzzled. I realized that taking these supplements not only nourished my cells from the inside out, but it also was a huge catalyst for change. I started drinking more water and found it easier to implement other healthy habits to compliment taking the supplements. 


And because it has given me such a boost in my personal journey to health I decided to partner up with this company so I can integrate it in my program to help YOU! 

* Vitamin supplements are not a replacement of a healthy balanced diet. 


My coaching program comes with and without the supplements. The choice is yours.

I know what I would choose.. 

Click on 'programs' below to find out more.

Can't wait to meet you!



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