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Simply said: You are sick and tired, of feeling sick and tired.

You have tried to lose weight, follow a diet, eat healthier, jumped on challenges, but nothing really worked. Doing groceries is such a chore because with all your good intentions you still end up coming home with too much junk food. ​You wish you just had a little bit more knowledge about healthy cooking. You're tired of feeling tired after a meal and sometimes you feel so bloated it looks like you have a little one on the way!

You would love to integrate some better habits but who has time for all this? You work out but not because you love it, because you feel like you have to. If you find time for it at all..


When you open your wardrobe you are confronted with the clothes that don't fit you anymore. You tell yourself that one day, they'll fit you again. Although a fit and toned body does feel so out of reach.

You feel like the days and weeks fly by and that every day feels just like another. You don't seem to have time to do anything for yourself. All you time gets taken up by work or life at home. You feel like you are so much more on edge than you used to be and you're just not totally in love with yourself with who you are right now.

You don't want much. You just want to feel like YOU again. 


Does this sound like you at all?

The reason you resonate with this is, because this was me.

Just a couple of years ago.

And there are so many people out there that feel exactly the same,

the stuckness and not being able or having the know-how to make shifts to move forward.

I have struggled with severe depression and there were moments I did not know how to get myself from one day to the other. But the moment my GP wanted me to start medication, something in my body just screamed NOOOO! It was a voice, a feeling I could not ignore. So I started to listen to my body and slowly but steadily I started feeling better by making very small changes in my daily life. I started eating healthier (without spending more time in the kitchen). I started doing things for me (saying no to social engagements) and I started teaching myself how to be more in the moment, how to appreciate the little things. It wasn't easy and it was a long journey and I am still learning, improving and growing every day.

So I know a little bit about feeling extremely stuck and not feeling like there is a way out.

You might have done counselling before or seen an nutritionist but although it might have been good for a short while you haven’t moved and you are back at square one. You’ve done challenges, programs and diets before and while it was super exciting to start these ‘lifechanging’ projects, here you are, still feeling stuck. 

How can I help you?

The problem is not that you can’t stick to a diet or can’t exercise regularly. The problem is that you have a story around why you can’t do something. And we are going to figure out what that story is and we are going to rewrite it!

This means that we are going to look at your life from a holistic point of few. A holistic approach looks at the person as a whole, your life as a whole. Why? Because how you feel in different areas of your life influences the choices you make. So if you want to lose weight but you feel bad about your relationship, chances are you reach for the chocolate to make yourself feel better. Are you feeling insecure and not worthy, you might have an extra glass of wine to numb those feelings. Are you struggling financially? Chances are your pantry is full of junk food, because it's cheaper. So how are you supposed to make healthy choices then? Do you see how different areas in your life can influence each other?

Book a FREE call with me now to see what simple changes you can make to your life to live a happier, healthier & more fulfilled life. 




Health Coaching is a bio-individual approach to help you reach your desired health and wellness goals.

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