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Nature is magnificent!

Did you know that our bodies are self-healing given the right circumstances?

The right circumstances can be created when you remove processed foods and pharmaceuticals. I’m not telling you to stop your medication immediately but let me explain what I mean.

Let's start at the beginning. Simply said plants grow when they get hydrated and when they get enough light. This light is used for photosynthesis and helps the plant create more tissue so it can grow bigger. When we eat plants they help us build new tissues in our bodies and therefore help us regenerate. Our cells are fully regenerated every 28 days, so in 28 days we become what we eat.

The light that the plant receives from the sun is turned into energy that the plant uses to grow. This energy is information for the plant on how to grow. This means that:

Light = energy

Energy = information

Light = energy = information

Still with me? Come on, this is amazing!

Nature knows exactly what our bodies need. But since the industrial revolution we have been moving further and further away from nature. We have been numbing our symptoms with non-natural medication. This non-natural mediation also includes processed foods, alcohol, tobacco and actual medication. But more on that in a minute.

How does nature show us that it knows what we need? It shows us. It literally uses energy in a certain formation. In formation = what shape or form. Nature is ‘informing’ us of what a certain type of fruit, plant or nut gives certain parts of our bodies the most vitality or benefit. For instance, a walnut, shaped like a brain, has the most benefits for our brain. It is the highest natural source of glutamate. Glutamate gets transformed into a neurotransmitter which is responsible fro sending signals between nerve cells and for young children it helps with creating memories. Celery is another example. Celery is high in sodium. The highest store of sodium in our body is in our bones. Celery looks like a long bone. When you cut a carrot in half it looks like an eye. Carrots have a lot of beta carotene which is beneficial for your eyes and eyesight. This blew my mind when I first learned about this!

Now what about non-natural foods (medication, processed foods, alcohol & tobacco)?

Processed food stripped of its energy (=light=information), nutrients and flavours to give it a higher profit mark-up and a longer shelf-life. It’s all about the money $.. We add in artificial flavours, minerals and antioxidants to give it back some nutrients and flavour. Unfortunately our bodies can not absorb these artificially made ingredients. What these processed foods with their processed ingredients do is exactly the opposite as to what nature foods do. Instead of improving physical and mental functionalities they impair that. Processed foods can block the communication from your brain to other organs, for instance with alcohol. Read more on that process in my blog about alcohol. Refined sugar blocks the messages to the brain to tell your body that you are full, so you keep eating. Over time this can lead to obesity and type II diabetes. Most medications do the same, they don't cure your symptoms, they numb them. I will dive deeper into this process in my upcoming blog about processed foods.

Natural food has a life-force and processed food has a dead-force. Life-force is an high vibrational energy that brings you into a higher state of consciousness and awareness. A higher consciousness lets you be in tune with your body. This means that you learn to understand better what your body is trying to tell you and you understand what it is that it needs from natural sources. This is how you create opportunities for your body to start to heal it self from all sorts of dis-ease.

Let me know in the comments what you think!

If you 'd like to know more about nature and it's healing powers and living more healthfully or would just like a chat feel free to hit me up with via the messenger chatbox below or book in for a free health consultation!



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