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Manifestation Magic 

Yes! It’s back!


So many of you have asked, may I say begged us to do a workshop dedicated to MANIFESTATION! So here it is! 

Are you ready to make your dreams come through?

Are you ready to learn how to REALLY manifest? 

None of that woo-woo stuff, but a practical step plan that's proven to work!

Buckle up, because you’re about to get your mind blown!


If you’ve been feeling stuck, unsatisfied and unfulfilled then this is exactly what you need! 

For once and for all take control of your life and your future and shape it exactly how you want it, like in your wildest dreams. Nothing is too much! 


On Friday the 28th of April at 615pm we will kick off with  the MANIFESTATION MAGIC workshop. This one you can not miss!

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Let's Get Started

You're in!
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Who are we?


Alka Tiessink -  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and bsc. Psychology.


Alka helps women break free from cravings and the need for diets so that they can feel happy, light and free! She works with holistic practises to address whole body health by nurturing the connection between mind and body.


Find out more about her services and offers at

Rebecca Krawczuk - Movement Restoration Coach, Personal Trainer & Remedial Massage Therapist.


Her mission is to empower women to reconnect and fall in love with their bodies more. To inspire women around the world to be happier, healthier, stronger and fitter and lead more active lives through movement, fun, massage and healthy eating.


Find out more about her services at

About the workshop

What to expect

We teach you exactly how to manifest your dreams and goals and align your thoughts with your actions so you can live your best life with purpose and intention. But most of all with JOY and FULFILMENT


Topics we will cover

  • How manifesting works and how it doesn’t

  • 7 steps to achieve your biggest goals and desires

  • The power of words and how to use affirmations the right way

  • How you can use gratitude to make your dreams come through


Especially for you

If you pop yourself down on our waitlist, we are giving you early access to tickets before the sale goes live so you can secure your spot first!

And on top of that we’re also giving you a nice little discount on your ticket!


Space is limited for this workshop, so RSVP as soon as possible to secure your spot before the ticket sale goes live!

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