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A holistic approach to help you unlock your happy genes

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Welcome to my website! Make yourself at home, have a look around  and hit me up with any

questions or enquiries. 

Unwanted weight gain, cravings or not having enough energy to keep up with your kids? Is this you?

Don't worry, you are not alone and it can be resolved!

As women we often have a lot on our plates. Taking care of the family, building our careers, making sure the household is organized and keep up with social engagements. Often at a cost of our own time, sleep and self care. This results in feeling like you have no energy, no motivation and bad habits.


We feel stuck. Our cup is empty.


In theory we know what to do to feel better, but to implement this into our busy and hectic lives is a whole other story. 

With the 1000's of fad diets and specific workout plans out there, being healthy also seems to be overly complicated and expensive. 

In reality, being healthy and having a balanced lifestyle is easy. 

All you need is someone to point you in the right direction and to keep you accountable.  


And that's where I come in! 

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach I help you get out of your rut, back into the life you love! You feel confident in your body again and have enough energy to chase your kids or grandkids around the house. You follow healthy habits with ease and joy and set an example for your family and friends.


Why should you work with me?

Because you can absolutely take the time to figure out how to achieve your goals yourself. Just like I did. I took me about

5 years to get to where I am now. 


And time is the only currency you can not buy more off..


Why wait and waste more time if you can get it done right now?

Work with me and I promise that you'll never ever have to worry about your health ever again. 

Integrative Nutrition
Coach &
Bsc. Psychology

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I meet you where you are


Which means that you don't need to have the answer. I provide you with a safe space to talk openly. I am just like you, just a few steps ahead in the journey. Talking to me is like talking to a good friend while enjoying a nice cup of tea. 

Speaking of tea, did you know I organize Guilt Free High Tea's?


Check out my event page via the button below to find out more about this and my other events.

What my beautiful clients say

Tara S

I didn't know if I'd benefit from coaching, thinking I knew quite a bit about what's good for me and what I should do, but after speaking with Alka my mind was blown! She opened my mind to some things that I hadn't thought about before and skillfully had me questioning other areas in my life that I hadn't connected to my current struggles. I'm now able to implement new practices into my life that I hadn't thought about before and I'm feeling so much better for it! My stress levels have decreased, my skin has improved and I just feel better overall. So thankful for Alka and her coaching. Highly recommended to anyone that is also feeling blocked and would love some support with their health and happiness!

Linda B

Working with Alka was amazing! She is always so positive and caring and her support has helped me on my road to choose more for myself. Our sessions were both professional and personal at the same time and this really worked for me. Through working with Alka I am beginning to overcome challenges that have been stopping me from becoming my happiest and healthiest self. I highly recommend her.

Alex S

I booked a session with Alka for advice on my overall health. Going in I wasn't sure yet how or what I wanted to improve specifically, but Alka was great in helping me discover what my most unhealthy habits are. The first session already felt very productive because it gave me a new perspective on my own behaviour and what I could do to improve it.

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